Eye Strain Symptoms in One Eye

Experiencing eye strain symptoms is a common and often annoying condition that is rarely serious. Most of these experiences can be reduced or even prevented with a few precautions. However, eye strain symptoms in one eye or continued eye fatigue may be an indication of a more serious condition if they persist after making changes.

The Symptoms of Eye Strain

What follows are the most common symptoms of eye fatigue that most people will experience in their lives.

-       Sore, Irritated or Tired Eyes

-       Difficulty in Focusing on Computer Screens, Newsprint, etc.

-       Greater Sensitivity to Light

-       Watery or Dry Eyes

-       Double  or Blurred Vision

-       Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain

While these are the most common symptoms, they may not be the only ones that you experience. Some other types of soreness and pain may also be associated with eye strain.

The Causes of Eye Strain Symptoms

Eye strain is most commonly caused by reading, writing or driving usually for long periods of time and without rest. This is because the eyes are designed to change focal lengths continuously. By keeping your eyes focused at one distance for an extended period of time can cause eye strain. In addition, bright light or straining to see in dim light may also cause eye strain.

Symptoms present in one eye may also be caused by the same conditions if that eye is favored over the other. Alternatively, there may be material in the eye that is causing the pain or discomfort as well. If one eye is repeatedly experiencing strain or discomfort, seeing your eye doctor is recommended.

Digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and computer screens have led to a rampant rise in eye strain symptoms. This is especially true of hand held devices which are usually placed too close the eyes and causing them to fatigue quickly. Not getting enough sleep can aggravate the symptoms as well.

How to Alleviate the Symptoms of Eye Strain

The simplest and best way to relieve the pain and irritation of eye strain is to rest your eyes. The symptoms come from the eye muscles becoming tired, so rest is in order. A cool washcloth laid over your closed eyes as you lie down can help reduce the swelling and bring your eyes back to feeling fine in a short period of time.

By taking these measures, you can prevent eye strain from occurring. However, if eye strain symptoms persist especially in one eye, then it is advisable to see your eye doctor

How to Prevent Eye Strain

There are simple prevention methods that will greatly reduce, if not eliminate eye strain symptoms:

-       Look up and focus on more distant objects every few minutes.

-       Reduce the glare on what you are reading, such as installing a glare filter

-       Keep computer screens at nearly arms length and a little below your eye level.

-       Clean off your computer or device screens to prevent glare or reflections from forming

By taking a few precautions, you can prevent eye strain symptoms from occurring. A little prevention can go a long way towards keeping your eyes active and free of any eye strain symptoms.